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Mental health counseling can be tough, tedious and difficult work.  But in retrospect it can also feel like getting a massage for the mind.  What's most important is that in the spirit of creating change, sometimes things get difficult before they get better and this is part of the process of bringing the shadows to the light.  Change is uncomfortable, but where there is risk there is also potential for creating a better life for yourself.  

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a professional practice in which a person is working with a trained art therapist. This is done so that one can utilize expression to enhance mental and emotional well-being.  Art therapy may be utilized via many forms of art materials such as painting, drawing, working with clay, fibers, natural materials, and even technology.  It can exist on a spectrum where the act of making art is the therapeutic process, while also existing as a modality that enhances the talk therapy process.  


There are so many ideas of what yoga is in today's evolving world.  Becoming bendy and flexible, becoming a contortionist, becoming an Instagram model. Truly and simply, it's really about connecting you with your body, listening to and honoring it, finding its strength and stability, and through awe and wonder becoming witness to what’s possible.  


At One Mind Body Being, you can find support in developing your own meditation practice.  But why meditate?  People have no idea what waits for them inside. Truly this is a modality where you can experience universal truth. For some this is where you can finally start to experience all that you have read about, but never seen for yourself.  This is also a practice for those with utmost determination, who are willing to courageously and patiently take the time required in order to see the ultimate truths out there with their own eyes.